Your Comprehensive guide to Web Hosting

Planning to start a new venture but confused over the space on internet to host your website ? Selecting a host is an initial step and should be taken with all security measures like Servers’s Speed, Reliability, Up time and Security as these factors will impact your business in future. So after 2 years of Hosting Experience we brought you a clean and concise guide from selecting a host  to hosting a website without any hassle.

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But First Thing First….

What is Web Hosting or Web Hosting Service ?

A service that allows User to organize and maintain the website whether it contains .php or .jsp pages or CMS like WordPress or Joomla. So all your webpages and Media files are stored on these computers called Servers. If anyone with internet access want to view your website they have to type your domain name in url and your computer will connect to the server and your website will be displayed on the browser.

Want to know about Domain name and Domain Name Servers and how it works  ?
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