Worldwide Server Shipments and Revenue Continue Decline in 1Q17 as Cloud Impact Grows

2017 hasn’t been a decent year so far for the server market. Examiner firms Gartner and IDC have issued their separate initially quarter 2017 worldwide server reports, demonstrating a decrease in both income and shipments. Gartner revealed that in the main quarter of 2017, overall server income declined 4.5 percent year over year to $12.5 billion. IDC’s estimations are somewhat extraordinary however demonstrate a comparable pattern, with server income down 4.6 percent to $11.8 billion.

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Gartner revealed that server shipments declined 4.2 percent from the principal quarter of 2016. Interestingly, IDC revealed that worldwide server shipments really developed by 1.4 percent to 2.21 million units.


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