Which Web server is Best: Linux Or Windows ?

Both Linux and Windows server vary in terms of cost, reliability , stability and scalability but still it all depends on what are our needs and ease of use. Windows servers costs more as compare to Linux servers.

Which one should I choose ?

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Windows Server allow running ASP scripts and utilizing .NET and other Microsoft technologies and supports Microsoft SQL Server and Access database.  if your website needs scripting and database support, You can either choose Windows or Linux but If your Website does not requires for running any ASP script or Using .NET Technologies scripting than Linux should be chosen as host server. It support MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

In terms of hardware, Linux Servers are scalable and adaptable and does not require any regular hardware upgrades allowing it to operate flawlessly on any machine architecture Whereas Windows Server requires lots of system resources and powerful machine if you want to run Windows Server efficiently.

Mostly the Linux servers are free but if you are looking for Support for your website than it cost you at reasonable rates but still less than Windows Server.

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