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For a business that is rapidly growing cloud computing has become something that you can’t do without. The best service and support is what you find with VMware, leading virtualization software and services.


A Dell subsidiary, VMware brings you the best of cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services. VMware runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS. The first American company who manages visualizes x86architecture while the VMware ESXI which is a bare metal hypervisors runs directly on server hardware without an additional underlying operating system.

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Why VMware?

If its business it ought to grow. Give your business that extra boost helping it transform into full-fledged body. A time tested brand and having a strong network of over 500,000 customers globally, VMware is where you manage, run and connect and is the one in control. Offering a bare metal hypervisors, VMware is the global leader in virtualization software with desktop and server virtualization. VMware based clouds are more secure and are easy for everyone and reduce IT cost by up to 70%. What more? VMware offers some of the best free products as well.


VMware is most celebrated for its hypervisors. Here is a list of

Desktop Software

  • VMware fusion-offers similar function for use of Intel mac with full compatibility.

  • VMware workstation-enables to run multiple instance of x86 or x86-64 single PC

  • VMware workstation player- a freeware product only designed for personal use

Server Software:

  • VMware ESXI- an enterprise software product is better performer than the freeware VMware Server. It’s a unique product which runs directly on the server hardware.

Cloud Management Software:

  • VMware Cloud Foundation- offers easy deploy and operate a private cloud on an integrated SDDC system

  • VMware Horizon View- a virtual desktop infrastructure product

  • VMware vCloud Air- a public cloud computing service

  • VMware vRealize Suite- a cloud management platform for a hybrid cloud

  • VMware Go- web based service for users of any proficiency level through the installation and configuration of VMware vSphere Hypervisor

Storage & Availability:

  • Site Recovery Manager- disaster recovery software with policy based management and automatic orchestration

  • vSan- hyper converged infrastructure solution

Networking & Security Products- a software solution for businesses providing network and security needs

IT Business Management Product- IT business management suit. The service center helps in IT service management

Other Products:

  • Workspace One- enables mobile users to explore apps and data

  • Virtual Infrastructure eXtension (VIX) – enables scripted or automated of a computer virtualized using either Workstation, VMware’s vSphere, Player or Fusion Products. VIX offers binding for the programming languages C, C#, Visual Basics, VBscript and Perl

  • VMware’s VMFS

There are four versions of VMFS communicating with ESX Server- Version1, Version2, Version3 and Version4 used by ESX and ESXi

Here are the latest features of VMFS Drivers-

  • Support for sparse files

  • Auto detection of VMFS

  • Show cluster heartbeat information

  • Support for LVM using multiple extents

  • Enhanced display of symbolic links

Were security and connectivity is paramount in any good business, VMware assures security and cost effective IT solutions which you can rely upon for business that grows everyday!


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