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It feels good to be protected by the leader! Step in to a new edge of security with Trend Micro, offering the best to expect in antivirus cloud computing security for computers and androids. No matter at what level of business you’re in, Trend Micro provides security solutions to small, medium and big enterprises.

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A global leader offering security solutions for businesses, cloud computing, data centers, networks and endpoints, Trend Micro serves products which are trusted worldwide and had been awarded for products that are exceptionally brilliant.


Why Choose Trend Micro?

Over 3 decades of perfection in performance and millions of happy customers worldwide, Trend Micro is an unmatched leader in hybrid cloud and network security solution. With the changing face of the IT world and the need for security that is unbeatable against ever increasing threats, Trend Micro Brings you threat defense verified by analyst, customers and industry leaders. With free tools for both personal and professional use, Trend Micro offers

  • Protection from phishing attack

  • Protection from mobile attacks

  • Protection from data stealing malware

  • Cost effective

  • Free trials

Products- Whatever you security needs may be, there is always a solution to that with Trend Micro. Here is the list of the products

Enterprise Products

Hybrid Cloud Security Solution– offers security management across physical, virtual and cloud environments

  • Deep Security- provides highly climbable and automated cloud security

  • Deep Security for Cloud- protects your data in cloud

  • Virtualization Security- comprehensive security for modern data center

User Protection Solution- this suite is simply awesome for end points

  • Secure Web Getaway- protects users and information from web based threats

  • Smart Protection Suites- covers the users from gateway to the endpoint

  • Endpoint Security- defends against current and future threats

  • Email & Collaboration- protects against phishing, malware and targeted attacks

Network Defense Solution-

  • Advanced Threat Detection- detects and responds to ransomware, targeted attacks and advanced threats

  • Integrated Advanced Threat Prevention- protects your network against known and unknown, zero day threats

There is also a Trend Micro 24×7 Support and Trend Micro Premium Support

Small Business Products

Worry Free Products- Don’t let your small business grow without cover. Trend Micro has the best solution for your business which is safe, simple and trusted.

  • Worry Free Services- to help block ransomware and targeted attacks

  • Worry Free Services Advanced- email security and hosted endpoint for Windows, Mac and mobile devices

  • Worry Free Advanced- specially built for small business, gives complete protection against ransomware

  • Worry Free Store- security for your entire business, protects works of your employees anytime, anywhere

  • Worry Free Standard- for business that have limited IT staff

For Home

Trend Micro Security Software for home provides online protection and privacy with 100% threat protection so that you can enjoy your digital life to the fullest and safely.

PC & MAC Protection

  • Internet Security- advanced on line protection for one PC, anti-ransomware technology

  • Max Security- protection up to 3 devices with protection for social media privacy

  • Antivirus for MAC- protection against online threats, identity theft, dangerous website

Mobile Device Security

  • Android Security- complete protection against threats for smartphones and tablets

  • iPhone & iPad Security- security for your Apple iPhone, iPad and iTouch

  • Password Management for Mobile Device- enables in securely storing all important information and passwords

With zero possibility of threats with Trend Micro, now let your work speak. Choose the best product for your work and device and stay covered.


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