Nuance – Speech and Imaging Software Review

Nuance is a leading computer software company that offers speech and imaging applications. Nuance business products lay emphasis on desktop imaging software, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, automated telephone directory services, medical transcription software, server and embedded speech recognition. Nuance also develops system and software for government and military organizations. 

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Nunace products and their benefits:

Here is a list of some of the Nuance products that you can look for.

 1. Dragon:

This speech recognition software will make your work easier as you just have to speak some words and they will appear on the screen. Dragon is available for both home users and professionals.


For home users:

  • Dragon Home

  • Dragon Premium

For Professionals:

  • Dragon Professional Individual (Mac)

  • Dragon Professional Individual (PC)

  • Dragon Medical

  • Dragon Anywhere

  • Dragon Legal Group

  • Dragon Legal Individual

  • Dragon Professional Group


  • Supports Windows computers, Mac computers, Android and iOs devices

  • High accuracy

  • 3 times faster than typing

  • Enhance documentation productivity


 2. OmniPage:

It is one of the best optical character recognition software from Nuance. OmniPage can immediately convert digital documents and paper into files so that users can search, edit and share in a convenient and secure manner.

For individuals:

  • OmniPage Standard

For enterprise:

  • OmniPage Ultimate

  • OmniPage Server


  • Compatible with PC

  • Fast speed

  • Superb accuracy

  • Supports PDF files

3. Clintegrity:

Clintegrity software is really useful for clinicians as it helps in creating compliant and complete clinical documentation.


  • Boost coder productivity

  • Better quality

  • Deliver the right outcome

 4. Power PDF:

You can get an idea about Power PDF by its name i.e. it is an excellent PDF converter for individuals and enterprise. It allows you to edit, create and share PDF files. It is available in two forms i.e. Power PDF Advanced and Power PDF Standard.


  • Easy to install and use

  • Convert JPG files into PDF and vice versa

  • Reasonable price

  • Turn PDF into Microsoft Excel, Word or PowerPoint

  • Compatible with Windows PC

 5. Copitrak:

Confidentiality is a major cause of concern for legal firms but Nuance’s Copitrak has a solution to this problem. It will make secure data flow across your firm while tracking and making document management cost recovery.


  • Time saving

  • Protect your data

  • Boost visibility and flexibility

  • Easy to edit, share and convert PDF documents

  • Enhance efficiency

 6. Business Connect:

With Business Connect, workers can access files, securely print important documents and send data directly from their mobiles at any time whenever they want.


  • Geotagging

  • Ability to turn mobile phone into barcode scanner

  • eSignature

  • Easy to manage

  • Create mobile eForms

  • Transfer your data securely



Nuance products can meet the needs of individuals, enterprise, clinicians and legal firms without requiring so much time, thus extremely beneficial. These products will surely increase your comfort level, so you should buy Nuance products.


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