LiquidWeb Hosting: Pros and Cons

LiquidWeb was established in 1997 and since then they have grown with over 13,000 servers and 300 on-site staff members all working in three wholly-owned data centers. LiquidWeb was designed by professionals, for professionals.

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With just 20,000 clients, LiquidWeb is one of the smallest hosting companies but yet they owned reputation when it comes to quality. Technology behind LiquidWeb are more advanced than many hosting companies many times their size.


Below are VPS Hosting plans:


Shared Hosting plans:


Dedicated Server Plans:


Cloud Hosting Plans:


LiquidWeb provides both Linux and Windows Based servers with excellent VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting Plans still there are few cons which comes with there superior specs. Firstly, Shared hosting is affordable but have poor hosting storage.Secondly, If you are a beginner and not much familiar with dashboard or Cpanel then this might be confusing for the first time.



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