PeopleLooker- A powerful tool to run a background search and generate information

Technology has become a huge part of our lives, most of the things that we use in our daily routines and lives make the use of technology, which keeps advancing year after year. Thanks to technology, we have been introduced to a multitude of life-changing things that certainly have made our lives so much easier and simpler. While technology is the key to it all, it’s also the genius minds and creators that keep coming with innovative ideas that turn out to be a lot more useful and practicable. One such thing we came across is the tool that enables people to accumulate important information about an individual, which can be provided in the form of a comprehensive report. Isn’t that so helpful? The most important thing of all is to ensure the credibility and authenticity of the tool you’re using so that you can be provided with the right information and not just any faulty or misleading information about that person, in particular. Continue reading “PeopleLooker- A powerful tool to run a background search and generate information”

Worldwide Server Shipments and Revenue Continue Decline in 1Q17 as Cloud Impact Grows

2017 hasn’t been a decent year so far for the server market. Examiner firms Gartner and IDC have issued their separate initially quarter 2017 worldwide server reports, demonstrating a decrease in both income and shipments. Gartner revealed that in the main quarter of 2017, overall server income declined 4.5 percent year over year to $12.5 billion. IDC’s estimations are somewhat extraordinary however demonstrate a comparable pattern, with server income down 4.6 percent to $11.8 billion.

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Gartner revealed that server shipments declined 4.2 percent from the principal quarter of 2016. Interestingly, IDC revealed that worldwide server shipments really developed by 1.4 percent to 2.21 million units.


Baijiu Malware is Distributed Through the Geocities’ Web Hosting Platform

With new innovation and technology emerging everyday, these technologies can be consolidated with internet to make a capable malware strain and thats what Baijiu malware is. It tries to target individuals who demonstrate an expanded enthusiasm for North Korea.

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To be more concise,there is a major emergency occurring in North Korea. There is a worldwide concern with respect to the philanthropic circumstance in the nation. For the individuals who are ignorant, North Korea was hit by a hurricane a year ago, and compassionate help has been in progress from that point forward.

Individuals who demonstrate an enthusiasm for this circumstance are presently focused by this new sort of malware. Casualties are deceived into clicking a malicious file hosted on a Geocities site which guarantees to disclose to them more about how the compassionate circumstance is unfurling at this moment.

This is a highly sophisticated malware which is mainly designed to infect computers with  cyberespionage tools, allow the criminals to steal data from their victims. Baijiu separates itself because of some different features also.

Instead of utilizing a more conventional phishing attack, its designers are effectively focusing on a particular group of users. Also, this malware is capable of hiding itself which makes it impossible to detect.


Amazon-Apple TV deal shows tough road to cooperation for tech rivals

A deal bringing Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV, announced on Monday at Apple Inc’s developer conference after years of talk, shows how competitive tensions among Silicon Valley titans can stand in the way of serving customers.

The logic of linking Apple TV, a device for watching television over the internet, with Inc’s booming video-streaming service looks obvious.

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Apple needs great video to sell its TV player. Amazon needs places to stream its TV shows so that people sign up for its Prime club to watch them – and buy more toilet paper, too. Viewers want to watch their favorite programs on whatever device they choose.

Yet Monday’s announcement, rather than being routine, was the result of a negotiation stretching back at least to 2015 when Amazon stopped selling Apple TVs on its retail site.

Amazon had explained that move by saying it wanted to avoid confusing customers who would expect Prime Video to be on devices sold by Amazon. Critics instead saw a negotiating tactic to get Prime Video onto the Apple device, and a prod for people to buy Amazon’s competing Fire TV players.


After “Wanna Cry” Here comes the “Judy”

A malware named Judy has found over 41 apps on Google Play Store and has infected over 36 million users according to a security firm Check Point.

Google has started removing those infected apps from Play Store after Check Point report about the malware to Google. But before it can totally be taken off from Google Play Store Judy manage to infect Android devices and reached up-to 18 million Download.

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But What is Judy ?

Judy is a malware which was developed to create false click on ads which will increase in the revenue of the company. After an App is downloaded and installed infected with malware, it manage to set up a connection with the control and command server, which delivers the actual malicious payload which includes Java Script, A user agent String and URLs controlled by the malware author. This URL open a targeted website and the code is used to click on banner from the Google ad Tech. With each click company was generating revenue. It finds ads by looking for iframes, which have ads from Google ads infrastructure.


GoDaddy to launch dedicated web hosting services for SMEs in India Soon


In a bid to create an e-ecosystem for the Small and Medium Businesses in India the internet domain and host GoDaddy is going to launch a dedicated hosting package for the SMEs soon.

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The Registrar will help the SMEs to host their businesses online by providing hosting services and solutions designed for the Small and Medium Businesses with a virtual private server.

Ragu Murthi, Senior Vice President at GoDaddy said that the small and medium business in the country are in need of a platform called business hosting, where with just a click they can migrate their share hosting site to a new platform. This experiment has proven successful in the United States and the company is expecting similar results in India.


Zomato explains how hack happened

Zomato’s user database was breached and put up for sale on a dark web marketplace for $1000, the restaurant search and food delivery portal explained how the hack took place.

In a blog, Zomato explained that the hacker got their developer’s credentials from an October 2015 leak of a webhosting service’s details. The developer used the same username and password combination on Github, a portal that is popular among software developers for sharing code. It was here that the hacker got to a part of the code that this developer had access to. Interestingly, Zomato says the hacker managed this breach last year, but highlighted it only now.

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After finding user name and encrypted or “hashed” passwords of its users for sale on a dark web marketplace on May 18, Zomato claimed it had contacted the hacker who had executed the data theft. The hacker, the company claimed in an official bog, only wanted to highlight bad information security practices, and had asked Zomato to hold a better “bug bounty” program, where security researchers and ethical hackers are rewarded for highlighting bugs in the system. Zomato claimed that the hacker took the data off the marketplace after they agreed to his/her demands. They also promised to update users about how the hack took place once they had plugged all loopholes that the hacker highlighted.

“It all started in November 2015, when 000webhost’s user database was leaked online (with plain text passwords). One of our developers had his personal hosting account with the service. As a result of 000webhost’s user account data breach, his email address and password also became available publicly. Unfortunately, the developer was using the same email and password combination on Github,” Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal said in the blog update. It was here that the hacker was able to scan through the code and exploit a vulnerability without needing physical access to a system on a set of IP addresses defined by Zomato. Goyal says in the blog post that Zomato made two-factor authentication on Github mandatory for its employees “a few months back”. However, in what he terms “extraordinarily bad luck”, the hacker had this access last year itself. It was only now that s/he chose to exploit it. “Yes, someone has some of our code, and that’s a risk. But we have taken every step conceivable to us to make sure that the code cannot be exploited in any way possible to breach Zomato’s infrastructure. Also, one more thought that gives us comfort – with every passing day, the leaked code is getting more and more out-of-date,” Goyal writes in the blog post. Zomato says it now wants to establish a “working group” of Indian internet companies to deliberate on “best practices” for information security.


Canadian Web Hosting Introduces Virtual Private Server Plans with Built-in Disaster Recovery Services

One of the leading web hosting service providers Canadian Web Hosting announced yesterday, There release of new Virtual Private Server Plans with built-in disaster recovery called VPS SAFE plans. These new disaster recovery plans can be added in just a few clicks and make it easier than ever to have true disaster recovery.

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VPS SAFE plans work by using artificial intelligence (AI) to learn customers data patterns and maximize data protection by seamlessly moving data between data center locations and helping to prevent data loss.

It utilises virtualization from VMware and Veeam’s replication technology that run on top of Canadian Web Hosting’s SSAE 16 compliant infrastructure.

Canadian Web Hosting will automatically enable disaster recovery on a new signup on the designated VPS SAFE plan and enable disaster recovery to a secondary location of the customers choosing. Once Disaster Recovery is turned on that server begins replicating to the customer’s remote site, and will remain in continuous sync indefinitely, turned off only when it is disabled by the user. Canadian Web Hosting’s flexible data center locations options including locations that meet Canada’s privacy requirements including Toronto and Vancouver, as well as secondary sites like Dallas that can give customers further geographic flexibility.


Google AI : From Mobile First to AI First

AT annual Google I/O conference CEO Sundar Pichai reveals a second-generation Tensor Processing Unit: a cloud-computing system and a custom hardware for machine learning which is 30% – 50% more faster than CPU & GPU and will compete with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. These Cloud TPU are soon coming to Google Compute Engine – Pichai said.

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Along with that Google also unveiled there new initiative called Google Lens – A vision based computing capable of making your smartphone a real smartphone by understanding at what your are looking at. Google lens will be available in Google assistant and Photos in beginning and will be shipped to there other products in future.

Android ‘O’Beta Version Rolling out soon – Google

Android "O"

Just a few days before the Google I/O conference, Company has announced the release of Android “O”. The initial release of BETA version is “Developer  Preview” so it is not Available for public for now.

But Google is expected to disclose its future plans for New Android “O” at the conference in San Francisco this month.