Canadian Web Hosting Introduces Virtual Private Server Plans with Built-in Disaster Recovery Services

One of the leading web hosting service providers Canadian Web Hosting announced yesterday, There release of new Virtual Private Server Plans with built-in disaster recovery called VPS SAFE plans. These new disaster recovery plans can be added in just a few clicks and make it easier than ever to have true disaster recovery.

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VPS SAFE plans work by using artificial intelligence (AI) to learn customers data patterns and maximize data protection by seamlessly moving data between data center locations and helping to prevent data loss.

It utilises virtualization from VMware and Veeam’s replication technology that run on top of Canadian Web Hosting’s SSAE 16 compliant infrastructure.

Canadian Web Hosting will automatically enable disaster recovery on a new signup on the designated VPS SAFE plan and enable disaster recovery to a secondary location of the customers choosing. Once Disaster Recovery is turned on that server begins replicating to the customer’s remote site, and will remain in continuous sync indefinitely, turned off only when it is disabled by the user. Canadian Web Hosting’s flexible data center locations options including locations that meet Canada’s privacy requirements including Toronto and Vancouver, as well as secondary sites like Dallas that can give customers further geographic flexibility.


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