Baijiu Malware is Distributed Through the Geocities’ Web Hosting Platform

With new innovation and technology emerging everyday, these technologies can be consolidated with internet to make a capable malware strain and thats what Baijiu malware is. It tries to target individuals who demonstrate an expanded enthusiasm for North Korea.

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To be more concise,there is a major emergency occurring in North Korea. There is a worldwide concern with respect to the philanthropic circumstance in the nation. For the individuals who are ignorant, North Korea was hit by a hurricane a year ago, and compassionate help has been in progress from that point forward.

Individuals who demonstrate an enthusiasm for this circumstance are presently focused by this new sort of malware. Casualties are deceived into clicking a malicious file hosted on a Geocities site which guarantees to disclose to them more about how the compassionate circumstance is unfurling at this moment.

This is a highly sophisticated malware which is mainly designed to infect computers with  cyberespionage tools, allow the criminals to steal data from their victims. Baijiu separates itself because of some different features also.

Instead of utilizing a more conventional phishing attack, its designers are effectively focusing on a particular group of users. Also, this malware is capable of hiding itself which makes it impossible to detect.


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