Avast- Just the Way You Would Protect Your Device

A popular and trusted name in the world of internet security, Avast comes with a whole range of free and multi computing platform versions that provides computer security, anti-virus, browser security, firewall, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and anti-spam. One of the top security solution available in the market, Avast not just scan bad files but also scrutinizes app behavior in real time to stop threats.

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Available in 45 languages, the Avast products are only available to devices connected with the internet. Developed by Avast Software for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Android, Avast offers some of the best security solutions for business and home.


Why Avast?

With so much to do in the list, there is no time to worry about threats and protection. With threats being smart, Avast is getting smarter with time. With the leader in Internet Security, get busy with your work and leave Avast to secure your work. A leader in Internet Security, Avast just got better with millions of customer trusting the name they use. With deep malware protection and easy to install, Avast is smart security suit and one meant for all your personal and professional needs with free downloads.



Microsoft Windows Products- Here is some of the most trusted products for Microsoft Windows

  • Avast Pro Antivirus- For personal use, it does not requires registration only license or activation code. This product offers free version features along with Secure DNS, SafeZone Browser and Sandbox.

  • Avast Free Anti-virus- For home and non-commercial use and comes with 1 year registration. This product is free and offers antispyware, Avast Passwords, streaming updates, Secure HTTPS scanning, hardened mode, Deep Screen, Do Not Track, anti-malware, Home Network Security Scanner, Site Correct, anti-phishing, Rescue Disk, Smart Scan and Software Uploader.

  • Avast Internet Security- this product doesn’t require registration but an activation code or license, is similar to Pro is backed with anti-spam and silent firewall.

  • Avast Premier- loaded with all the features of Internet Security, this product comes with a data shredder and automatic software updater. What it requires is a license or activation code.

Business Products- There is a whole hoard of collection of Avast products for business.

  • Avast for Business- It’s a free product for small and medium sized businesses. Multi-platform software, the pack comes with antivirus protection, a cloud management console and web threat scanning and integrated browser protection.

  • Email Server Security

  • Security Suite for Linux

  • File Server Security

  • Protection Suite, Protection Suite Plus, Endpoint Protection and Protection Plus

macOS Products- Specially designed for Apple, this product range includes

  • Avast Free Mac Security- It’s free and specially built for Apple Macintosh computers; this product comes with on demand antivirus scanning background on access protection and is compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

Mobile Products for Androids- The products meant for androids comes as antivirus and anti-threats.

  • Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus- specially built for android devices, this app is free and comprises of virus scanner and removal, app manager, back up, protector, network meter and a firewall on rooted phones.

  • Avast Anti-Theft/ Anti-Theft Rooted- tracks and locates lost mobile phones and enables user to control phones remotely through SMS or desktop. Also remotely clears and locks phone memory.

  • Avast Mobile Premium- this app includes the features of the free app with app locking, remote SMS, geo fencing, data recovery and identification and extended back up.

A complete pack of Internet Security, Avast offers everything to protect your network and online activity.


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