After “Wanna Cry” Here comes the “Judy”

A malware named Judy has found over 41 apps on Google Play Store and has infected over 36 million users according to a security firm Check Point.

Google has started removing those infected apps from Play Store after Check Point report about the malware to Google. But before it can totally be taken off from Google Play Store Judy manage to infect Android devices and reached up-to 18 million Download.

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But What is Judy ?

Judy is a malware which was developed to create false click on ads which will increase in the revenue of the company. After an App is downloaded and installed infected with malware, it manage to set up a connection with the control and command server, which delivers the actual malicious payload which includes Java Script, A user agent String and URLs controlled by the malware author. This URL open a targeted website and the code is used to click on banner from the Google ad Tech. With each click company was generating revenue. It finds ads by looking for iframes, which have ads from Google ads infrastructure.


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